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Chapter 3

Depends on who it is, I should be missing."

The demonic voice gave an evil laugh, he then spoke with a voice that was as soft as a viper's hiss. "Come on, surely you remember me."

"Mmm…" It took a moment before it clicked in. "You're that thing from the game…but, how the hell did you get OUT of the game?"

"Ah, that's my little secret." The sinister creature whispered.

"Goddamnit…Well, what do ya want?"

"Simple…" His read eyes gleamed in the darkness. "I want to hear you scream."

"You're a character from a game…You can't do anything."

The entity swiftly moved in closer, just inches from my face. "Is that a fact?" His voice turned dark, his words laced with venom. "Cuz you have no idea what I am capable of."

"You're me…I know what you're capable of, pal," I shot back to the evil hedgehog.

"Oh, I won't be so sure of that."

I crossed my arms, glaring at him. "Yeah? Prove it?"

"Oh you'll see..." The demonic creature then stepped back. "...the game has only just begun."

He then disappeared in a blood red mist.
Chapter 3..
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Classic Tails!
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